Carrier Management Systems, Inc. has developed a wide array of products that address many critical issues now facing wireline and wireless telecom companes. The core components of the NAMS suite of products include real-time Call Record collectors, an SS7 probe for real-time SS7 collection, database import engines, and a variety of useful reports and applications. At the heart of out products lies Oracle's Enterprise Database, which utilizes partitioning and clustering in order to make queries against large telecom datasets practical.
NAMS Firefly Beta Program

Carrier Management Systems Inc. actively partners with our customers when it comes to developing quality products. This means that from time to time we involve our customers in the development process by utilizing their site as a beta site. One of the many benefits to becoming a beta site includes discounts on the final product. If you are interested in becoming an beta site, we would love to hear from you.

There are no current beta opportunities